About Us

About Madhav Metal Industries

We are contented to introduce ourselves as one of the prominent company engaged in manufacturing and exporting of superior brass component and fittings, metal parts and shaving accessories. We are well known brass components manufacturer and exporter as well among the leading brass manufacturers in India due to the expertise and experience we have gained in two decades in the respected industry.

In 1990, Madhav Brass Industries had been established by Mr. Dhirubhai Patel in the segment of Brass & Metal components. Later in 2008, His son Mr. Dipesh Patel joined the group & refreshed the business with the fresh energy and global vision to breeze in international market to fulfill the huge demand of brass & metal components throughout the world! In 2012, We updated our name from “Madhav Brass Industries” to “Madhav Metal Industries”.

At first, we were doing manufacturing on a small scale and used to do contract manufacturing for exporters. After some years, we learnt deeply about the industry from inside and gained expertise! It made us serve in some large companies worldwide! We are and always have been the one stop solution for your any short term or even sustainable needs of Brass & Metal! We are always pretty much concerned about all the safety requirements and attributes of each of our product! We are constantly evolving in terms of innovation, testing & support service to add more focus and core values to our clients!

The establishment of the infrastructure here has been done with such a craftsmanship with the latest and updated as well as automated machineries which are segmented into different division. The divisions are formulated with so much consciousness that the production runs incredibly smooth & hassle-free! With over 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing area, segmented for different operations to carry out in different divisions. Each segment is facilitated with all the required tools & machineries. Very advance & high tech machinery has been occupied like automatic and semi-automatic machines for the efficacious manufacturing. This very systematic infrastructure did not only help us in the smooth production but played a very important role in making us stand out in global market & in securing a strong position!

Our Brass components are highly demanded across the globe due to its quality and durability! Considerable Needs of Brass are fulfilling apparently in various industries and fields. Our products are vastly demanded in following industries.

• Plumbing and Sanitary
• Construction & Infrastructure
• Aerospace
• Instrumentation
• Piping & Tubing
• Automobile
• Decence
• LPG, CNG & Petroleum
• HVAC & Refrigeration
• Railways
• Hydraulics
• Oil and Gas

Our Mission

To become the leading manufacturing company providing world class brass and metal components and excel through customer satisfaction, creativity, teamwork and integrity.

Our Vision

Achieve excellence with the help of Technology, identifying alternatives, development, communication, partnership and recognition.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Work At Madhav metal employees are empowered to make suggestions to improve result because our production processes are set after deep understanding of client requirement and necessary steps are taken to improve process every time. Customer Focus It involves quality and designing of the product which meets customer expectation and fulfill customer’s quality requirement by internal standards. This involves functionality, commercial use, quality, attributes and product itself. Process Based Engineering In engineering, processes are tested to ensure the product quality and making sure that suppliers offer quality material needed to produce product. At Madhav Metal standardization of the process are based on international standards. Improving Continuously Improving continuously, To determine if more efficient ways are possible for working. For continuous improvement of services and production requires a constant and close observation of markets, trends, industrial standards, technology, laws and competitors. Madhav Metal meets these conditions by continuous improvement; training and technical upgradation. Encouraging Respect and Mutual Understanding It is our important value because it helps to progress organization to excellence by knowing that each and every employee from below to top hierarchy holds the same understanding and core values and believes in teamwork.

Our Values


  • Doing business in right way, doing what we promise and which makes us proud.


  • To realize full potential we do partnership with our clients and we can jointly improve the result.


  • To gain more and more respect at different levels we mutually respect our all clients, vendor, associates and people.


  • We are supporter of development hence we encourage idea sharing and experience to make knowledge a good resource for all.


  • We always try to improve our performance by challenging and measuring our past achievement to create benchmark company worldwide.